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Review by Simone Bonim for The Jewish Eye

Another English-Hebrew dictionary? Yes. Is there really a need for it? Yes, because this is one with a unique twist...

English Hebrew by Subject is a topical dictionary that is ideal for use by students of both modern Hebrew and English. The words in this dictionary are organized by subject, rather than alphabetically, like a traditional organized dictionary. This unique organization makes this book ideal for students seeking to enlarge their vocabularies, as well as professionals, tourist, and students who need to find just the right word for a paper or to help them communicate with English or Hebrew speakers in their field or while on vacation.

This text is designed for use as both a reference book and as a text book. While it is primarily designed for use by English-speaking students learning Modern Hebrew, it will also prove invaluable to Hebrew speakers seeking to expand upon their English vocabulary. This is because all the information in the book, including the chapter and section headings, vocabulary lists, and the book's introduction, index, and table of contents are presented in both English and Hebrew.

In addition, this, the third edition of this outstanding text includes a bonus CD that includes 12 hours of audio that features vocabulary from the first 41 chapters found in the text. (The remaining twelve chapters/sections included words related to grammatical concepts such as Punctuation Marks & Symbols and the vocabulary from these short sections are not included on the CD). All of the vocabulary presented on the CD is read out in both English and Hebrew. This audio CD alone is worth the price of the book, as it will not only help to improve your vocabulary, but it will also improve your speaking skills, and your listening skills as you listen to authentic pronunciation of the vocabulary - which is read by both a male and a female reader.

Another aspect that makes this dictionary unique and a must-have item for students of modern Hebrew is that English Hebrew by Subject not only presents vocabulary lists that are organized thematically, but it also provides relevant verbs in both the infinitive and third person past tense forms - which will greatly aid you when composing in Hebrew as well as in learning how to conjugate Hebrew verbs. Each of the main, 41 chapters, follows a standard format, with the relevant vocabularies divided into nouns, adjectives and verbs. English vocabulary is matched with its Hebrew counterpart, which is presented with nikud (vowels). Also, a notation as to whether a Hebrew noun is male or female is provided, as well as both the masculine and feminine forms of nouns related to people, animals, or professionals are also given. Most important, complete instructions on how to use this book is provided in both English and Hebrew.

The chapters in this book cover a broad range of topics including:
  • Polite Phrases
  • Eductation
  • The Human Body
  • Life Cycle
  • Time
  • Food & Drink
  • Transport & Tourism
  • Toys & Games
  • Animals
  • Books & Literature
  • The Universe: Sky & Space
  • Economy & Business
  • Art
  • Religion
  • The Army
  • International Relations, War & Peace
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Weights & Measures
  • and much more, including short sections covering topics such as Useful Adjectives & Their Opposites, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Interrogative Words, Demonstrative Adjectives & Pronouns, Prefixes & Suffixes, and more...
In all, English Hebrew by Subject contains 41 subject/vocabulary chapters, along with twelve additional sections covering grammatical concepts with sections dealing with punctuation and prefixes and suffixes. In all, this book includes more than 10,000 terms organized by subject. From Brazil Nut and cul-de-sac to seaplane, downsizing, and radioisotope, you will be amazed at the wide range of terms and subjects that you will discover in this book. English Hebrew by Subject is a must-have reference for new olim, students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in increasing their modern Hebrew vocabulary and in improving both their speaking and listening skills!

Also, be sure to visit the book's companion website,, which offers additional information on the book along with tips and resources that will help you to improve your Hebrew skills.


Review by Yocheved Golani for Jewish Press

Readers can be more fluent and confident in their Hebrew communication efforts in only 260 paperback pages when they read English to Hebrew by Subject: Topic Dictionary for Learning & Reference. The second edition paperback is packed with 41 chapters full of necessary words and phrases for present-day and future life in Israel. A companion CD in each edition allows listeners to hear words and phrases clarified for listeners with British or American accents.

English to Hebrew by Subject content is arranged in sensibly expanding subject frameworks. That device speeds up the search and discovery of the words you need. Chapter headings lead to content further broken down into sub-sections zeroing in on the exact vocabulary for specific situations.

Context-based chapters can empower business people and everyone else. They include: Animals, Polite Phrases, The Human Body, Family and Identity, The Five Sense, Behaviors (good and otherwise), Health, Life Cycle, Food and Drinks, Nouns, Verbs, Real Estate, Postal Services, Careers, Toys and Games, Sciences, Measurements, Mathematics, Politics, the Army, Art, Plants, Economy and Business, The Mind, Music, Journalism and Print. Other subjects, among them Law and Justice, Weather, Geography, The Universe, Communications, Computers, Clothing, Cosmetics, Adverbs, Adjectives, Pronouns and Conjunctions, Film, Literature, Plants, Time and Seasons are also capably covered in the materials.

Paired with a Hebrew thesaurus, English to Hebrew by Subject can propel personal progress in speaking, writing and listening to Hebrew far beyond previous ulpan parameters.

**Yocheved Golani is the author of highly acclaimed E-book "It's MY Crisis! And I'll Cry If I Need To: EMPOWER Yourself to Cope with a Medical Challenge"

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Review by Jami from

I just got a copy of the new English Hebrew by Subject by Hanna Perez the other day and I thought I would take the time to share a few things about it with everyone who is also interested in learning or improving on their Hebrew language skills.

English Hebrew by Subject (or EHBS, as the title is shortened inside the book) includes 41 chapters of vocabulary broken down into different subject matter covering topics ranging from family, food, education, politics, etc. There are also 10 different chapters that are focused only on grammar (much needed information for beginners!). After all that, the book also includes an audio CD that covers ALL of the vocabulary chapters so that you know exactly how a word is pronounced.

After using the book for the last week, I felt immediately that it would be perfect for all types of Hebrew language students because, let’s be honest, we all have different reasons for learning Hebrew. Some are learning for recreation, some are new immigrants to Israel, some are tourists, and some of us are professionals who are working next to Israelis. I think the great thing about this Hebrew language book is the way it caters to all of these different types of students in its own way.

This book is not meant to teach you how to read or write Hebrew. It already assumes that you know these basics and does not waste any time getting into the “meat” of the subject. With that in mind, I wouldn’t recommend this book for someone who does not know the aleph-bet or how to read Hebrew. Even though there is English translation next to the Hebrew text (with nikudote), you’ll still need to have at least a basic understanding of Hebrew pronunciation to feel comfortable with this book.

The most valuable part of this book is using it in a pinch. I’ve found that when I’m straining for a quick word, it’s easy to flip to the topical section the word falls under and immediately finding the English to Hebrew translation of it. For example, I was straining for the word “greenhouse” (chamama) the other day and found it right away in the “Plants” section of the book. It was that simple. Beyond the usual sections translating basic greetings, numbers, and family, other more helpful sections in the book include “The Army”, “Sciences”, “Life Cycle” (words about pregnancy, childhood, and death), and “Computing”.

In the past I’ve found myself exhausted with Hebrew study guides because they always fall short of what they promise. Either they aren’t comprehensive enough, or, they’re too complicated. With English Hebrew by Subject, I’ve found a wonderful happy medium and it’s helping to solidify the foundational words along with pushing me to learn and try words that will help me be more conversational in real life situations.

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