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    Discover How Your Hebrew Can Be Radically Improved!

Do you want to be able to communicate and converse with Israelis? Get a job in Israel, understand the news, or simply get by?
We’re glad to present you with our unique and popular Hebrew learning and reference tool:
- The easy way to improve your vocabulary, self-expression and pronunciation.
- A must for every Hebrew learner - at any level!
- Including a 12-hour Audio CD!
- Time Saving, Practical and User-Friendly!

How can the book help you and how is it different from a regular dictionary?
‘English Hebrew by Subject’ is the only dictionary that includes a 12-hour Audio CD of over 10,000 terms read in Hebrew and English, helping you to pronounce words correctly. It is the only dictionary whose clear context and association-based format helps you learn new words & expand your vocabulary. It is the only dictionary that enables accurate verbal and written self-expression in every subject you need easily and effectively (as all the relevant words are together in one place).

In what other unique ways can English Hebrew by Subject help you?
- EHBS gives you the right word in context, eliminating confusion and enabling you to communicate with confidence.
- EHBS gives all verbs in the infinitive and 3rd person part tense, making verb conjugation simpler.
- EHBS gives all people and professionals in both masculine and feminine – taking out the guess-work!
- EHBS differentiates between US and UK terms, so that you can be sure you have found the correct meaning!

Invaluable for Hebrew learners of all ages & stages, professionals, tourists, olim chadashim and vatikim, school and university students!
Topics include: Tourism & Transport, Computing, Sport, Education, Clothing, Food, Health, Art, Human Body, Environment, Family & Identity, Economy, House & Real Estate, Universe, Weather, Animals, Music, Politics, Army, Sciences, Literature, Math, and more (click here for the full list).

Used and endorsed by the Jewish Agency, EHBS is of a high-standard, and will be enjoyed by its users for many years!

"English Hebrew by Subject is a must-have reference for new Olim, students, professionals, and anyone with an interest in increasing their modern Hebrew vocabulary and in improving both their speaking and listening skills!...The audio CD alone is worth the price of the book!"
Simone Bonim, The Jewish Eye

“Perfect for all types of Hebrew language students... I think the great thing about this Hebrew language book is the way it caters to all of these different types of students in its own way... With ‘English Hebrew by Subject’, I’ve found a wonderful happy medium and it’s helping to solidify the foundational words along with pushing me to learn and try words that will help me be more conversational in real life situations”.

"Paired with a Hebrew Thesaurus, English to Hebrew by Subject can propel personal progress in speaking, writing and listening to Hebrew far beyond previous ulpan parameters."
Yocheved Golani, Jewish Press

260 Pages, 42 Subjects, over 10,000 terms!


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